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Are you a passionate insurance agent seeking a dynamic environment to showcase your skills and achieve unprecedented career growth? Look no further! At Medicare Professionals, we are a trailblazing force in the insurance industry, driven by a relentless commitment to excellence, innovation, and client satisfaction. Led by the visionary Santiago Cabassa, our brand is rewriting the rules of success for insurance professionals like you.

Redefining Insurance Excellence

Medicare Professionals is on a mission to redefine what it means to be an exceptional insurance agency. We strive to provide unmatched service, support, and solutions to our clients. Our team of dedicated agents works together cohesively, creating a nurturing and collaborative environment that fosters growth, innovation, and mutual success.

Why Join Us?

Be a Part of Santiago's Winning Team

When you work with Medicare Professionals, you’re not just another agent; you become an integral part of Santiago Cabassa’s winning team. Santiago’s leadership inspires and motivates our agents to excel and achieve greater heights in their careers.

A Culture of Success

We believe in the power of positivity, collaboration, and celebrating achievements. Our work culture encourages personal and professional growth, ensuring that you thrive in your role and find fulfillment in your accomplishments.

Limitless Opportunities

At Medicare Professionals, the sky’s the limit! We offer a range of exciting opportunities and career paths, allowing you to diversify your skills and build a rewarding career.

Client-Centric Approach

Our clients are at the heart of everything we do. Joining us means having the chance to make a genuine impact on people’s lives by providing them with the best insurance solutions available.

We are committed to helping you realize your health and financial goals by making you aware of all your options so that you can make the best choice for yourself and your family.

How To Join our Elite Team

We are thrilled that you’re considering joining our esteemed team of insurance professionals. To embark on this exciting journey with us, follow these simple steps:

License Verification
We take great pride in our licensed team members. Be prepared to submit your insurance license for verification.


Showcase Your Expertise

Share your impressive resume with us, highlighting your accomplishments, experience, and dedication to the insurance field.


Reach Out to Us

Drop us a line expressing your interest in joining our team. Tell us why you're excited about Medicare Professionals and how you see yourself contributing to our vision.


Stay Excited

We want enthusiastic individuals who are passionate about insurance and dedicated to their craft. Your excitement will fuel your success and inspire others around you.

Let's Begin Your Journey with Medicare Professionals!

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to work with Santiago Cabassa and be part of a team that sets new industry standards. At Medicare Professionals, we’re eager to welcome talented agents like you to our family.

Are you ready to unleash your potential and shape the future of insurance? Take the first step now and start your application process! Together, let’s build a brighter, more secure tomorrow for our clients and ourselves. Join the Medicare Professionals team today!

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